Wednesday, October 15, 2008


JOB: I haven't really talked much about my "new" job (not that it's new anymore), so let me just fill you in on things.  I LOVE being a Wildcat again.  As I mentioned in my post "Blessed" at the beginning of the school year, I truly am blessed to be at Central.  As much as I loved Zachary, I am ecstatic about my job now.  I am so much happier in general.  I feel less stressed, and I am getting more time with Parker, and it's also really fun to "go to school" with my sister.  I have a great boss, great coworkers, and I am really loving teaching English III.  I was really nervous since I hadn't ever taught juniors before, but I am having a blast.  Dawn and I work really well planning together, and Rachel's experience with English III helps us out so much too. (They're the other junior teachers.)

PARKER: Parker is doing SO well, as you have probably read on her blog.  She is such a sweet, happy little girl.  Right now, she is talking to me and eating fish sticks! (and sharing them with Jackson, haha) I am truly blessed to have such a great little girl who brings so much joy to so many people.

TRENT: Today is Trent's 26th birthday!  Happy birthday to him!  He is, of course, glad that it's hunting season and that the grass doesn't have to be cut as often, etc.  I continue to feel blessed to be married to him.

CHURCH: We also recently started going to a community group with our church.  We have wanted to be a part of a group for so long, but it hadn't worked out until recently.  We are so excited to meet with our friends at Cody and Brittany's each Tuesday.  I am really grateful to be a part of a small group Bible study again.  It's so encouraging, and it's really fun to be a part of a group who come from so many different places of life.  Newlyweds, married for a while, engaged, dating, single mom, foster parents, etc.  God really knit together a unique group of people to study His word and live out "Community" together.  I love it!

MY HEART: God has still been heavily placing adoption and related topics on my heart.  I follow several "adoption" blogs, and I get so excited about the things God is doing in this area.  We continue to pray about when we will hopefully adopt!  November is "Adoption Awareness Month," so expect to hear adoption related things on my blog over the next few weeks!