Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I'm thankful for:

  • an amazing husband who loves me and loves his little girl.
  • a beautiful daughter who blesses me and teaches me new things every single day.
  • the way that God has completely worked in and through Parker's life over the last year.
  • wonderful parents who are a great example of a Godly relationship, and who so selflessly give of themselves each day.
  • an incredible little sister who makes me so proud each and every day.
  • great friends who encourage and challenge me.
  • restored relationships- healed in ways that only GOD could have.
  • the greatest job in the world.
  • students who teach me as much as I attempt to teach them.
  • the way God continues to teach me new things.
  • a truly wonderful church family and Community Group.

The list could go on and on and on.

What are you thankful for?

Friday, November 21, 2008


So my last post referred to the superstition of the Spirit Ribbons.  

Today, we didn't have them.

Because we're in the playoffs, the cheerleaders weren't able to order any in time.

So we made one.  I said I wanted to, and D'Shea rose to the occasion.

I believe it says "Crush the Crusaders" "Go Cats" and "Come Get You Some."  Ha.

And guess what....

WILDCATS WIN!!  13-7 over Brother Martin High School. In the last play of the game, Brother Martin goes for a tie-breaking field goal.  Central blocks the field goal, AND RUNS IT BACK FOR A TOUCHDOWN!!!!!

I love my Cats!

Friday, November 14, 2008


So I mentioned yesterday that we had a pep rally for a playoff game. What I did NOT mention was how hilarious I think my football players can be! Let me give a little background.

I teach the majority of the juniors on the football team, so I've definitely taken more interest in high school football than ever before. And since Central is my alma mater, I decided to be a little more school-spirited than I was at Zachary. (As proven by yesterday's story, haha) So every Friday, I get a spirit ribbon from the cheerleaders, and use the little silver football sticker to tack it to my "What's Going On?" bulletin board in the front of my room. Each Monday morning, I take a permanent marker and write in the score from that game, and whether we won or loss. (Thankfully, there was only one loss, and instead of the "L," it just got a sad face, haha)

A few weeks ago, I noticed that my first hour football players were a little "concerned" if I hadn't posted the score by the time we started class. So I got to be pretty good at making that a part of my before-school routine on Mondays.

Last Friday, I was out sick, so the ribbon didn't get put up. This meant I didn't have the score up by the end of 1st hour on Monday. My players were a little antsy about it, but understood that I was "catching up" from being out. The coach who has class in my room 2nd hour even questioned me about it, so we fixed the problem and got the ribbon/score posted. *Crisis averted, apparently.* The quarterback, who is in my first hour, also informed me that the reason he threw 3 interceptions last Friday was because I was not at school, and I "threw off" his whole day.

Fast forward to today. The cheerleaders were running short on spirit ribbons, and were not going to have enough to make it to all of the classes. But they were informed that Mrs. Allen HAD to have a ribbon to put up, and made sure I got one of the first ones. I thought this was hilarious. Of course, I immediately stuck it up on the board.


Well, call it superstition, or sheer talent, or God's grace....

WE WON TONIGHT! (And yes, I say "we", because apparently I'm somehow helping the team.) Central won it's first home football playoff game since 1977!!! We will travel (well, they will... I'm not going!) to Brother Martin HS in New Orleans next weekend.

Guess what I'll do on Monday morning? 44-12 "W" Consider it done, boys.

I love my job. I love my Wildcats.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I've Got Spirit, Yes I Do

Busy, crazy work week.  Our volleyball team made it to the state playoffs after winning the Bi-District Championship over Bonnebel High School (from New Orleans).  Unfortunately, fell to St. Thomas More in the first round, but I am SUPER proud of my sister and her teammates for the INCREDIBLE season they had this year.  

Tomorrow, the District Champion CHS Football team will be hosting a home playoff game against West Jefferson High (out of New Orleans).  In honor of this HUGE event, we had a pep rally today.  Yes. On a Thursday. Which means completely wild kids on Thursday because of a pep rally, and completely wild kids on Friday because it's Friday and the day of a playoff game.  But I digress.

Pep rallies are interesting events to me.  At Zachary, we had one for pretty much every home game.  I was always... and I mean ALWAYS... that teacher HIDING from the cheerleaders so as not to get conned in to participating in any games/dance-offs/otherwise embarrassing activities.  And I succeeded.  For three straight years, I was NEVER caught!

Which brings us to today, when I conveniently "hid" myself in the bleachers, amidst the children, next to my sister and her friends.  Most teachers don't brave the bleachers; they stand along the side wall and observe from afar.  Phew, safe.  Not with other teacher-y people. So when they call for 10 student volunteers, and 10 teacher volunteers, Mrs. Allen is safely hidden away in the stands.

Or not.  Thank you, football players that I teach/get annoyed by/know because they're CC's friends. Thank you, CC. Thank you, varsity cheerleader from my 1st hour class.  Thank you, every student who shouted "Mrs. Allen! Mrs. Allen!'  Thanks to you, I had to face my worst nightmare/biggest fear/most intimidating teacher situation.  I had to compete, with my colleagues, in a contest. Fortunately, it was not anything like "Who can 'Walk it Out' the best" or a pie-eating contest, or blind folded basketball.  All we had to do was stand in a circle, holding hands, and pass a hula hoop from one person to the next by stepping through it.  

I've got spirit.  That was for you, football players that I teach.  That was for you, oh Homecoming Queen/Ms. Senior/baby sister.  That was for you, B.  

Because I was shaking the whole time. And I thought I might throw up.

But I've got spirit.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Identity Crisis

For the last few weeks, our church has been discussing "identity." Specifically, our identity in Christ has been the topic at hand. (Which would make sense, being that it is church and all!) We've talked about how being in Christ totally changes our identity.  

I struggle with this.

When I first started writing this blog, I listed all of the things that "define" my identity.  They're all pretty much "surface level" things in light of my identity in Christ.  We've been singing this song in church called...  surprise, surprise.... Identity. I won't include ALL of the lyrics 'cause it's long, but here's part of it:

"You are love, so I am love;
You are joy and so I am joy
You are peace, so I am peace
Lord, everything You are now becomes me
And the line between where You begin
And where I end is gone

I'm in You- I know who I am
You're my true, born identity
And I'm not the one I used to be
'Cause now there is no separating You
From who I am"

Um, yeah, I love this song.  But I hate it. Because it's scary. And a little intimidating.  The line that says "Now there is no separating You from who I am"... yeah, that's a hard one for me.  I love the fact that nothing can separate me from Christ... but...  umm...  sometimes, I'm not so proud of me... and I wish I could separate Christ from that icky part of me that I'm embarrassed to tie him to.  That's what boggles me about God's grace and love for me. He doesn't care that I'm icky.  He knew I would be.  But, wow, how I struggle to not have guilt issues when I'm not so proud of who I am in the part of me that is sinful and... well... human.  Thankfully, God is God, and his idea of my identity is covered with SO MUCH GRACE.  

So I guess what it all comes down to is this...  do I accept my identity in Christ? Am I willing to see myself as He sees me?  I'm learning.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

History Today

The God in control yesterday is still in control today.  He was not elected and He cannot be dethroned!  

That statement came from a respected friend's Facebook status, posted this morning.  How true those words are.  Regardless of my opinions and viewpoints, God knew the results of the election before the first vote was ever even cast.  His plans are much greater than mine, and HE is in control.  Far be it from me to question or doubt His divine wisdom.

Regardless of my political preference, or my candidate choice, or my thoughts on things, I serve a great God who promises to "cause all things to work together for good for those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose." (Romans 8:28) I think these things are something that we all need to keep in perspective, whether we supported Obama, McCain, or another candidate altogether.

As for me, I will respect the authority God has put before me, and I will trust Him, because He is the King of Kings.