Monday, November 10, 2008

Identity Crisis

For the last few weeks, our church has been discussing "identity." Specifically, our identity in Christ has been the topic at hand. (Which would make sense, being that it is church and all!) We've talked about how being in Christ totally changes our identity.  

I struggle with this.

When I first started writing this blog, I listed all of the things that "define" my identity.  They're all pretty much "surface level" things in light of my identity in Christ.  We've been singing this song in church called...  surprise, surprise.... Identity. I won't include ALL of the lyrics 'cause it's long, but here's part of it:

"You are love, so I am love;
You are joy and so I am joy
You are peace, so I am peace
Lord, everything You are now becomes me
And the line between where You begin
And where I end is gone

I'm in You- I know who I am
You're my true, born identity
And I'm not the one I used to be
'Cause now there is no separating You
From who I am"

Um, yeah, I love this song.  But I hate it. Because it's scary. And a little intimidating.  The line that says "Now there is no separating You from who I am"... yeah, that's a hard one for me.  I love the fact that nothing can separate me from Christ... but...  umm...  sometimes, I'm not so proud of me... and I wish I could separate Christ from that icky part of me that I'm embarrassed to tie him to.  That's what boggles me about God's grace and love for me. He doesn't care that I'm icky.  He knew I would be.  But, wow, how I struggle to not have guilt issues when I'm not so proud of who I am in the part of me that is sinful and... well... human.  Thankfully, God is God, and his idea of my identity is covered with SO MUCH GRACE.  

So I guess what it all comes down to is this...  do I accept my identity in Christ? Am I willing to see myself as He sees me?  I'm learning.


Amber said...

Hey sister - just wanted to let you know we had a great time Saturday night! We look forward to doing it again! :o)

Btw, great post. ;o)

Amber said...

Justin leaves Friday morning and comes back Sunday night as well. We will definitely get together at some point in the weekend! :o)