Thursday, November 13, 2008

I've Got Spirit, Yes I Do

Busy, crazy work week.  Our volleyball team made it to the state playoffs after winning the Bi-District Championship over Bonnebel High School (from New Orleans).  Unfortunately, fell to St. Thomas More in the first round, but I am SUPER proud of my sister and her teammates for the INCREDIBLE season they had this year.  

Tomorrow, the District Champion CHS Football team will be hosting a home playoff game against West Jefferson High (out of New Orleans).  In honor of this HUGE event, we had a pep rally today.  Yes. On a Thursday. Which means completely wild kids on Thursday because of a pep rally, and completely wild kids on Friday because it's Friday and the day of a playoff game.  But I digress.

Pep rallies are interesting events to me.  At Zachary, we had one for pretty much every home game.  I was always... and I mean ALWAYS... that teacher HIDING from the cheerleaders so as not to get conned in to participating in any games/dance-offs/otherwise embarrassing activities.  And I succeeded.  For three straight years, I was NEVER caught!

Which brings us to today, when I conveniently "hid" myself in the bleachers, amidst the children, next to my sister and her friends.  Most teachers don't brave the bleachers; they stand along the side wall and observe from afar.  Phew, safe.  Not with other teacher-y people. So when they call for 10 student volunteers, and 10 teacher volunteers, Mrs. Allen is safely hidden away in the stands.

Or not.  Thank you, football players that I teach/get annoyed by/know because they're CC's friends. Thank you, CC. Thank you, varsity cheerleader from my 1st hour class.  Thank you, every student who shouted "Mrs. Allen! Mrs. Allen!'  Thanks to you, I had to face my worst nightmare/biggest fear/most intimidating teacher situation.  I had to compete, with my colleagues, in a contest. Fortunately, it was not anything like "Who can 'Walk it Out' the best" or a pie-eating contest, or blind folded basketball.  All we had to do was stand in a circle, holding hands, and pass a hula hoop from one person to the next by stepping through it.  

I've got spirit.  That was for you, football players that I teach.  That was for you, oh Homecoming Queen/Ms. Senior/baby sister.  That was for you, B.  

Because I was shaking the whole time. And I thought I might throw up.

But I've got spirit.


Amber said...

This post is hilarious, and so was your comment on my blog! ;o) Thanks!!

Carol said...

I ran across your blog from the Silvio's blog. I coach volleyball at Parkview, but used to coach some of the new girls on Central's team that came over from Starkey. I just wanted to say that Central played some awesome volleyball at state. They didn't give it up easily. I know they were excited to be a part of it this year. Congratulations!!!!
I also loved reading about the football ribbon and scores. It's amazing how something that seems so small to us, is so important to the students.
Good Luck next week in the playoffs.

I second your motion...I love my job too!!!

Enjoy your weekend!
Carol Garon