Monday, June 29, 2009

To Do List...of Un-Fun Stuff

Anyone wanna help??

  • Clean out desk in the bedroom and throw away anything that hasn't been used in the last 6 months and isn't an "important document"
  • Clean out closet in the office (same criteria as desk)
  • Clean out junk in Parker's closet that isn't hers and has been there since before she was born
  • Clean "craft corner" in the office/consolidate storage containers
  • Find a mattress for our futon (Anyone know where I can find one for a good deal?)
  • Clean out the kitchen junk drawer

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Needed a Laugh...

Okay, so I've totally seen things from the Cake Wrecks blog before, but tonight, I really took the time to browse the sight... and have laughed my behind off! Seriously, I probably look like a fool sitting in our office by myself laughing hysterically! So if you need a laugh, check it out. It won't disappoint!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Favorite things...

Ok, so I know I did a "summer favorite things" earlier in the summer, but I have so much to add!

  • manicures/pedicures- I totally got my first one today since last fall.
  • working air conditioners- thanks to my amazing bro-in-law Chris, mine now falls back in that category
  • justice- I'm so thankful for the man who SAW the woman who hit my car in the parking lot, since she didn't stop.
  • adoption- particularly cindy foote's blog of Gracie-Lu's adoption
  • etsy- i can't wait to show everyone pics of my new necklace, ring, and purse i bought. the ring and necklace both shipped yesterday, and the girl making the purse emailed me and said the fabric came in and she's working on it, so it should ship this weekend!
  • rain. enough said.
  • the bachelorette- so, I mentioned this the last time, but i'm both loving and hating this season. so fun.
  • big brother- it comes on SOON!
  • army wives- agh! so glad michael holden came back home, joan may not deploy, and roxy isn't gonna lose the bar.
  • Karen Kingsbury books- the new one is out! barnes and noble or lifeway, i am coming to visit you ASAP!
  • swimming pools- particularly of the "kid" variety... keeping parker entertained! woo!
  • sahm Bible study- i love, love, love the women of the ring and their selflessness and transparency. each of these ladies has been SUCH a blessing this summer (well, beyond that, but especially this summer)
  • our church- what more can i say?
  • Jesus- for teaching me so many things i've been running from for a long time... and for staying faithful even as i've run
  • restored friendships
  • my marriage and my daughter
  • life

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Beach Trip

We're at the beach. We come home tomorrow, and I'll try to post more pics then, but here's one!

Saturday, June 13, 2009


So I'm now pretty much obsessed with I recently purchased a precious customized necklace from The Vintage Pearl (see button on my sidebar) and am in the process of coming up with an order from Knitty Bitties. If you are on Etsy, PLEASE check both of them out, because they are incredibly, adorably, too stinkin' awesome. Also- I'm so excited for our friend Jenny from The Ring, who now has her own Etsy store... Jen and Ink. Check her out too, if you're looking for precious custom invitations, cute gifts, etc. Maybe I should open an Etsy for cards, bows, etc......

Friday, June 12, 2009


Amber and Justin
Me and Trent
Becca Hill... next to us!
At the concert

Chris Martin with his crazy curly fro.... I like him better bald!
Screen shots..

Smaller stage
Piano hands!
Crazy Confetti!
Viva la Vida

We saw Kayla, Keith, Kevin and Bryan after the concert

So... Tuesday night, Trent took me to my very first "real" concert. Not that Steven Curtis Chapman, Shane & Shane, Phil Wickham, etc. aren't "real" concerts... but they aren't "big venue" concerts. I had no idea what to expect; I only knew that I like Coldplay's music, and that it's always fun to hang out with our friends. I was completely blown away. The concert was absolutely incredible, and I'm so glad that I got to go. We had a great time with Amber and Justin (and Cody and Brittany for dinner!). There were, of course, a few random experiences, like running in to Faith Hardee (one of my sis's friends from middle school) in the hole-in-the-wall restaurant we ate at.... and the fact that Becca Hill was sitting RIGHT next to Justin and we didn't realize it til the opening band finished playing...

It was a great night!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Things I'm Excited About...

  • my summer craft projects
  • Coldplay concert tomorrow
  • beach trip with the Mayers fam next week
  • Army Wives being back on
  • Parker's bday next month
  • being able to go to the SAHM Bible Study this summer
  • seeing the pics Kaylynn took of the fam

Friday, June 5, 2009

Arts and Crafts

Parker has way too many bows, and they keep getting lost! So... I made her this bow-hanger!

Also, I'm working on a set of canvases for her bedroom... here's the first one I'm working on...