Friday, June 12, 2009


Amber and Justin
Me and Trent
Becca Hill... next to us!
At the concert

Chris Martin with his crazy curly fro.... I like him better bald!
Screen shots..

Smaller stage
Piano hands!
Crazy Confetti!
Viva la Vida

We saw Kayla, Keith, Kevin and Bryan after the concert

So... Tuesday night, Trent took me to my very first "real" concert. Not that Steven Curtis Chapman, Shane & Shane, Phil Wickham, etc. aren't "real" concerts... but they aren't "big venue" concerts. I had no idea what to expect; I only knew that I like Coldplay's music, and that it's always fun to hang out with our friends. I was completely blown away. The concert was absolutely incredible, and I'm so glad that I got to go. We had a great time with Amber and Justin (and Cody and Brittany for dinner!). There were, of course, a few random experiences, like running in to Faith Hardee (one of my sis's friends from middle school) in the hole-in-the-wall restaurant we ate at.... and the fact that Becca Hill was sitting RIGHT next to Justin and we didn't realize it til the opening band finished playing...

It was a great night!

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