Sunday, February 28, 2010


For the past two and a half months, I've been wearing a hot pink "Live-Strong" style bracelet that simply bears the word "HOPE." In the inside of the bracelet, the name of a sweet, beautiful 18 year old girl serves as a reminder of a tragic accident, a journey to recovery, and a startlingly painful loss.

In early December, our school and community reeled at the tragic news that one of our senior cheerleaders had been devastatingly injured in a car accident. Together, the community rallied in prayer, fundraisers for the family, and the overwhelming HOPE that God would do a miracle. And it seemed that He was. As thousands of visitors read updates on a CaringBridge site, we rejoiced as it seemed God was slowly, yet surely making Kelsey whole.

On February 26, He did just that. He made her whole. Just not how we thought He would. So now, as our community mourns the loss of this beautiful young woman, we search for God's purpose in all of this.

I may not understand why God chose to take Kelsey, after it seemed like she was doing so well, but I know one thing... He is in control. Through the last two and a half months, God has done a work in our community that truly only HE could have done. Now, as we stand questioning the circumstances, I am praying that we would not question His faithfulness to us.

Kelsey is whole. In fact, she is far more perfect and beautiful now than she ever was on this side of Heaven. So I'm keeping the hot pink bracelet on my wrist as a reminder to keep that Hope. Hope that God will use this tragedy to draw others to Himself. Hope that I would be His light in this dark time. Hope that we would see that He is still GOOD and His mercy endures.

As Steven Curtis Chapman says in his song "Beauty Will Rise"....

But buried deep beneath all our broken dreams
We have this HOPE
Out of these ashes beauty will rise
And we will dance among the ruins
We will see Him with our own eyes
Out of this darkness new light will shine
And we'll know the joy is coming in the morning...
Beauty will rise!