Friday, November 14, 2008


So I mentioned yesterday that we had a pep rally for a playoff game. What I did NOT mention was how hilarious I think my football players can be! Let me give a little background.

I teach the majority of the juniors on the football team, so I've definitely taken more interest in high school football than ever before. And since Central is my alma mater, I decided to be a little more school-spirited than I was at Zachary. (As proven by yesterday's story, haha) So every Friday, I get a spirit ribbon from the cheerleaders, and use the little silver football sticker to tack it to my "What's Going On?" bulletin board in the front of my room. Each Monday morning, I take a permanent marker and write in the score from that game, and whether we won or loss. (Thankfully, there was only one loss, and instead of the "L," it just got a sad face, haha)

A few weeks ago, I noticed that my first hour football players were a little "concerned" if I hadn't posted the score by the time we started class. So I got to be pretty good at making that a part of my before-school routine on Mondays.

Last Friday, I was out sick, so the ribbon didn't get put up. This meant I didn't have the score up by the end of 1st hour on Monday. My players were a little antsy about it, but understood that I was "catching up" from being out. The coach who has class in my room 2nd hour even questioned me about it, so we fixed the problem and got the ribbon/score posted. *Crisis averted, apparently.* The quarterback, who is in my first hour, also informed me that the reason he threw 3 interceptions last Friday was because I was not at school, and I "threw off" his whole day.

Fast forward to today. The cheerleaders were running short on spirit ribbons, and were not going to have enough to make it to all of the classes. But they were informed that Mrs. Allen HAD to have a ribbon to put up, and made sure I got one of the first ones. I thought this was hilarious. Of course, I immediately stuck it up on the board.


Well, call it superstition, or sheer talent, or God's grace....

WE WON TONIGHT! (And yes, I say "we", because apparently I'm somehow helping the team.) Central won it's first home football playoff game since 1977!!! We will travel (well, they will... I'm not going!) to Brother Martin HS in New Orleans next weekend.

Guess what I'll do on Monday morning? 44-12 "W" Consider it done, boys.

I love my job. I love my Wildcats.

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