Sunday, December 7, 2008

just a few random highlights/thoughts

  • the CHS football team.  Even though they lost Friday night to Destrehan, I am SO proud of them.  The football players I teach are truly phenomenal young men, on the field, in the classroom, etc.  Great job, kiddos!
  • taking Parker to the Messengers to see the Christmas lights.  I loved family time with Trent and our sweet baby girl.  It was fun to see her experience something new.
  • Central Christmas Parade yesterday morning with Trent's mom and his sister & her family.  Again, another "new" experience for Parker (since she slept through most of the parade last year).
  • my little sister is amazing, and she makes me proud.  Always. End of discussion.
  • I'm gonna make our Christmas cards this year, and I think they're gonna be really cute.
  • pancake dinner at church tonight.  I mean, really, can it get any better?
  • thinking about going back to school to get certified to teach special ed.  Prayers please.
  • praying that God opens the door for a dear sweet friend to work at CHS with me!

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Kyle, Lindsay, & Jackson said...

You will definitely need prayers if you are considering doing special ed...hahaha I'm just kidding...I'd be happy to talk with you about it. I absolutely love working with kids w/ special needs and could tell you some of the positives/negatives I've experienced. I'm glad y'all are enjoying all the fun Christmas things with Parker. I was just telling Kyle that showing your child what Christmas is all about and all the fun that goes along with it has to be one of the biggest joys of being a parent!