Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Defining moments...

I am...
a wife, mother, daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece, aunt, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law, cousin, friend, teacher at Zachary High, member of the Ring Community Church, daughter of the King (therefore making me a princess!), reader, singer, reality-t.v.-watcher, chocolate lover, dog owner, steak-and-potatoes or sushi (not raw!) eater, scrapbooker, blogger, quirky, random, quiet, loud, content, loved, moody.... and above all else, BLESSED!

Defining myself is not an easy thing! (Try it! I'm willing to bet it's not terribly easy for YOU, either!)  There are a few things that I think define me more than others.  It's funny, at different stages in your life- and even in different situations- some definitions "fit" better than others.  I think, right now, I could best be defined as "Parker's mom," simply since having a 9 and a half month old seems to take up lots of time.  I truly love being defined as "Trent's wife" because I am truly PROUD to be married to him.  I would not be who I am AT ALL were it not for the fact that I'm "Chuck and Jean's daughter"-- they truly raised me in a Godly home with a great example of what God's love looks like.  It also makes me INCREDIBLY proud to be known as "Carlee's sister," mostly because I am so proud of the beautiful young woman Carlee has become!  My grandparents are awesome, Trent's family is amazing, my aunts and uncles and cousins are some of the best you could ever ask for.  

I have unbelievably amazing friends, especially Rebecca (my best friend since the summer after 8th grade), Erica (my closest work friend and mentor),  and Tiff (boy am I glad our husbands were friends).  I am unbelievably blessed to teach at Zachary High School, and at this point in the year, being a teacher definitely defines me as well.  I have really grown to love and appreciate our "family" at the Ring, and I am so grateful for the prayer support and friends we have there.  

Hands down, my relationship with God (and having been adopted by Him through his amazing grace) would be the thing that has changed my life the most.  It is that "defining trait" that affects every other aspect of my life.  Oh, how I fail miserably in so many ways.  Fortunately, God's grace is never-ending, and he takes my weaknesses as opportunities to show off HIS strength in my life.

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LindseYaYa said...

Yea! Another blog to add to my viewing pleasure! Thanks for doing this. I love the insight and perspective that comes from seeing a glimpse into what makes people 'who they are.' I love this post... you are blessed. It really does boggle the mind when you try to disect things down to the 'who' in you. Good job, dear... I can't wait to learn more!