Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Name Game

I had been thinking for a while about starting a new blog, one to separate just my random thoughts from updates on Parker.  Sunday night, while the band was leading worship at our church, the Ring, they played the Leeland song "Yes You Have," and it really struck me (once again).  This song was the "springboard" for the title of my blog.  Here are the lyrics:

Every tree and every stone; Every rushing wind that moans
They sing your praise; My God, they sing your praise
Every star and open sky tell of your glory divine
They shout your praise; They shout your praise, yeah

You've stolen my heart;  Yes you have
You've stolen my heart;  Yes you have
Wiped away the stains; broke away the chains
Oh yes you have

With your love you set me free; three nails gave me liberty
So I'll sing your praise; My God, I'll sing your praise
Oh, with your love you forgave my sin;
Forgot my past and brought me back again
So I'll sing Your praise; I'll sing Your praise, yeah

If I ascend into the sky or hide behind the night
I cannot run, your love is chasing me
If I fall into the sea, Your hand will rescue me
No one will take Your place because

This is all for You
Yes, this is all for You
You're the King of the World...

As I read through these lyrics, I thought that this would be an appropriate title for my blog.  Not only has God stolen my heart, my husband, daughter, parents, sister, in-laws, students, friends, etc. have stolen my heart as well.  Some of the things close to my heart are more trivial than others (like books, t.v. shows, food, etc.), but this blog is a reflection of just that-- my heart.

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