Friday, June 27, 2008

Starting Over

In case you've missed the news, I am leaving my job at Zachary and taking a position at Central High School, where I will be teaching English III, Journalism, and Yearbook. Beyond the fact that it was difficult to leave the wonderful friends I have on the ZHS faculty, I will definitely miss teaching my little 9th graders who have been so much fun. In addition, I am completely nervous about having THREE preps, all of which I have NEVER taught before. But I think it will be good.

Things I'll miss about Zachary
  • the Freshmen Academy
  • my coworkers, especially the "Red Team," the "Lunch Bunch," and Erica Henry, who has not only been my mentor, but a great friend
  • 9th graders- they're so quirky and fun
  • my 7th hour boys from last year who promised to visit me once they're 10th graders
  • the "traditions" of ZHS that are so unique
  • but mostly, my coworkers and my kids
  • being a part of the #1 School District in the state for all 3 years I taught there
  • it's the place where I learned "how to be a teacher"

Things I'm excited about at CHS:

  • the chance to do something new
  • being at school with my sis for her senior year
  • working with some of the people who taught me and inspired me to become a teacher
  • working with someone I recently met and have already come to respect and admire so much- Mrs. Kahne Seidel- who is an amazing mother and Godly woman
  • learning new things- like, yearbook and newspaper
  • starting NEW traditions for those above mentioned "new things"
  • being a part of a new, upcoming school district
  • working for a principal I have respected since I was a high school student
  • being closer to Parker

Over the next few weeks, I plan to go up and start working in my classroom-- and really making it MINE. I'll post before/after pictures when I start going!

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