Monday, August 10, 2009

Not Me Monday

Each week, I thoroughly enjoy MckMama's Not Me Monday. I also love to read Ashlee's installment each week. So, this time I decided to join in the fun, and tell you about the things I most certainly DID NOT do this week!

I did NOT wear my two year old's hot pink polka dot sunglasses to drive to Walmart because I left mine on the kitchen counter. Not me!! I would never ever tell my child that I didn't have any glasses for her to wear, knowing hers were being stretched out to fit my head.

I most certainly did not wake up one morning this week to find that my always clean, always perfect 2-year-old had taken off her diaper, and there was *poop* on her bedroom floor. An hour after cleaning up said poop, I did not return to her bedroom to find that my totally house trained, well behaved 3 year old Yorkie had peed on the carpet. Nope, that most certainly did not happen at MY house this week.

I did NOT un-evenly space bulletin boards in my classroom, only to have a group of students tell me I could create a "pattern" from the mistake. I also most certainly did not actually heed their advice and turn the "mistake" into a nicely "patterned" display.

I also did NOT velcro a framed poster to my classroom wall with industrial strength velcro. That would be absolutely ridiculous. So if you ever enter my classroom, you certainly won't find multiple things attached by velcro.

I did NOT buy notebooks I don't need just so I could re-cover them with scrapbook paper to make them "cute." I would NEVER do such a thing!

I may alternate Not Me Monday with Music Monday from now on! : )

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Soon to be Mrs. M said...

Ha Ha! I love these! Don't you just feel much better now that you got those things off your chest? Refreshing isn't it? I think you should make this a weekly tradition!