Sunday, August 2, 2009

Ah, Sunday!

So I'm pretty sure that it hasn't hit me that I go back to work in a week and a half. I am excited, but I have SO MUCH TO DO and I'm running out of time to get it done!! I really need to finish working in my classroom (putting up the new bulletin boards I wanted to do, cleaning off my desk that still has last year's junk on/in it, organizing the textbooks in the front of my room to make textbook distribution go smoother). Then I also want to go ahead and start making copies of things for the first week of school, since I know there will be a MAD rush for the copier on in-service days. Blah.

Then there are the projects "at home" that I want to do that I know won't happen once I'm back at work... painting, sewing, scrapbooking, making bows, etc.

I think the thing I'm most sad about "giving up" once I go back to work (other than the obvious- Parker!) is the Stay at Home Mom's Bible study I've been going to with the ladies from our wonderful church. I have so enjoyed their friendship, fellowship, encouragement, prayer support... the list could go on and on. Sad.

Amazingly, Parker is STILL ASLEEP and it's 8:40! Of course, I am wide awake because Trent got up to do yardwork. I should've started painting, but I had no idea when she'd wake up. Oh well.


Aunt B said...

I know the office at school is a total mess. They cleaned the carpets and put everything that was on the floor, on tables and my desk--- so much for organized clutter. We go back a week earlier, due to a change in the calendar after school was out. A lot of folks had already made plans and travel arrangements. The Superintendent is letting us comp it out next week…..YUCK…. But hey, this will be the first vacation with my family in years.

When you figure out how to get it all done before school starts back, let me know:~).

Enjoy the last few days of summer bliss.

Amber said...

I know what you mean. Of course I would love to be a stay at home and enjoy spending the day with Addie, but it must be nice having that bible studey open to SAHMs.