Wednesday, March 17, 2010


One of my favorite parts of my day is second hour (my off hour) when I get to go visit our Community Based classroom. I LOVE THOSE KIDS!! And the teachers! :)

One of my favorites, Alyssa, is having a super important, MAJOR back surgery Friday. Alyssa is the most absolutely precious 17 year old who has lived with cerebral palsy her whole life. Her surgery is going to be extremely difficult, but it should help her SO much in the long run! Please join me in praying for this precious girl as she has her surgery tomorrow! May God give her and her family peace and may He heal her quickly!!

Alyssa and her brother, Brandon, at CHS Prom last year

Alyssa and Carlee at Prom
Lys dancing with Corey
Lys dancing with Brandon


Ashlie Blaire Gremillion said...

that last picture brought tears to my eyes, how perfect

i put my application in for central schools the other day for hopefully a clerical or admin position

Janee said...

I am pretty sure I was crying while I took that pic, Ashlie!!

I love working in central!! It's awesome!!

Amber said...

Me too, I still cry when I see that picture!! So sweet!