Wednesday, January 18, 2012

11 Questions

The precious Ashlee at Blessed Chick tagged me in this post and requested that I answer these same questions! So, here goes!

1. What are your biggest pet peeves, not including traffic issues?

This is hard, because most of my pet peeves are traffic related!! I guess I'd have to go with people who "play dumb" to get out of things and people who act over-entitled.

2. If you could go on an all-expense paid vacation & take one person, who would you take & where would you go?

I would love to either take a cruise or go to an all-inclusive resort with the hubs! We've never been on a vacation alone other than our honeymoon, and neither of us have been on either of those types of vacation!

3. If you could do anything you wanted for your next birthday, what would you do? (Money is no object & everything is okay to eat!)
Sleep late, Split Decision breakfast from IHOP, shopping, lunch at La Madeleine's, nap, movie, dinner at Ruth's Chris or Sullivan's...

4. What is your favorite play or musical? If you do not have one, how are we friends? (Totally kidding. I don't watch football, it all evens out!)
Children of Eden holds a special place in my heart!!!! I also love Bye, Bye Birdie and Les Miserables.

4. What are some of your favorite girl names? Favorite boy names?
Other than my own kids' names...
Girl- Bradlee Jane, Kyle Olivia
Boy- Beau, Easton, Kellan

5. What is the biggest lesson you have learned in life? God's plans are so much better than mine!

6. What is your favorite recipe? (Link please!)
I don't have a link, but "crack dip"... One 16 oz container sour cream (you cannot use light, it won't mix properly), 1 packet hidden valley ranch dressing mix, shredded cheddar cheese, bacon bits to your heart's desire. So amazing! Serve with corn chips or potato chips, yum!

7. What is the last book you read? Did you enjoy it?
The newest Karen Kingsbury book, Longing. SO good! All of her books are amazing!!

8. Who is your favorite author or speaker?
Author- Karen Kingsbury (Christian fiction)
Speaker(s)- Beth Moore (ah-mazing!!), Christine Caine (seriously y'all. Heard her speak on the Passion live stream... Talk about powerful), Louie Giglio

9. Which bloggie friends do you hope to meet in real life?
I don't know if I can call them "friends" since they have no idea I exist... But... Kelly from Kelly's Korner... I adore her! And Ashley from Lil Blue Boo.. Want to talk about someone who puts "Choose Joy" in a new perspective?? Also Kristin from Lu Bird Baby... I'm pretty sure if we lived in the same town, we would be friends!!

10. What is your nervous habit?
I tend to scratch/rub my neck/throat area. There will be days when I have a long day at work and my students ask "Why are you all red?" it's that bad.

11. What do you hope will happen (that could happen!) in 2012? Vacation with the hubs, get plugged in to new ministry

I'm supposed to tag 11 more people...but I don't think I really know 11 other blog buddies. I'll just leave it as an open invitation to whoever may want to do this! :)

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Blessed Chick said...

Love your answers! We have so much in common! Love ya!