Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Passion 2012

Back in 2003 I had the privilege of attending the Passion OneDay conference in Sherman, Texas. That seems like an eternity ago, but I still remember the profound impact it had on my life.

So naturally, I am THRILLED that my sister is at the Passion 2012 conference going on in Atlanta right now. Due to the wonders of technology, I have been able to watch some of the live stream and have been completely blown away. I want to share some of the "notes" I jotted down from Christine Caine this afternoon, on the subject of Passion's "Do Something Now" which is raising money for the fight against human trafficking (more about this in a future post.) I am mostly writing this post for myself, but I hope some of the truth in it will speak to someone else!

*When divine interruptions happen, lives are transformed.
*Jesus often interrupts our very normal, mundane moments in order to speak to us to transform our lives.
*The only thing that Jesus Christ went to the cross for was PEOPLE. (Luke 10:30)
*Compassion is never compassion until you cross the street and go... and do something now... until you get involved, until you allow yourself to be interrupted.
*Heaven was interrupted to send Jesus from Heaven to Earth for each one of us.
*If we are crippled and we are broken, then we can't help anybody else, but we who have been rescued have a responsibility to rescue lost and broken people. We have hope. His name is Jesus and that Jesus lives on the inside of us and he sends us to a lost and broken world to bring hope and restoration.
*We are saved. By grace. For a purpose. There are works that God prepared for us before we ever got to earth.
*Freedom is the goal of Christianity.
*As if somehow the purpose of life is to die safely! We don't need to fear what He defeated!
*IT IS FOR FREEDOM THAT CHRIST SET US FREE and we will stand on NOTHING LESS in our generation.
*Light works most effectively in the darkness. We just need to take the light that's inside of us to dispel the darkness...

More coming on this subject; it's where my heart is right now.

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Blessed Chick said...

Such wonderful truths. I needed to hear these things. I so wish I could be there at Passion and experience those incredible few days...may God move in a mighty way.