Saturday, January 7, 2012

Tough stuff< Jesus

This week has been emotionally exhausting for a variety of reasons. Most of them revolve around watching several coworkers walk through some extremely difficult circumstances. But in the midst of that, it has been extremely, extremely awesome to see our faculty come together for one another, even in prayer! (one of my coolest experiences in my 7 years of teaching-- after receiving bad news at a faculty meeting, about 35 of us stayed after the meeting, joined hands, and cried out to the Lord on behalf of another. So awesome!)

All that to say: Jesus is so much bigger. "Our God is greater. Our God is stronger. God, you are higher than any other! Our God is healer; awesome in power! Our God!" No matter what junk we are walking through (either personally or walking along side someone else), He is enough. Always. And in Him is so much freedom. I'm so glad for the work He's currently doing in my heart.

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Blessed Chick said...

I know the Lord is making Himself known through this tough circumstance. Praying for you to be a light at Central.