Friday, July 25, 2008

Feeling Artsy Craftsy and Classroom "Before" Pics

As promised, I took a few "before" pictures of stuff in my classroom. I will take some pictures of the finished bulletin boards, etc. next time I go. Special thanks to Tiff and Carlee for all of their WONDERFUL help yesterday!

T.V. Barcoded with the Zachary High library barcode!

Barnyard Animal border.... special!

Blank wall- now has a cute bulletin board on it!!

Cabinet crammed full of books and junk I will never, ever use. Actually, there was more stuff in it than what is in this picture!

Yearbooks piled up in the back of the room!

Bookcase (where the poptarts and candy wrappers were found)

Front of room- the computers and printer will go. The board hadn't been erased (according to my sis) since April.

Today, I am NOT going to school- it's Laundry Day! So I decided that I was going to do a few fun "art projects" for my classroom. Here's a picture frame. It's one of those "floating frames..." and I just added the fun stuff.

This is a clipboard that I "prettied up." It was previously just a plain, ordinary, brown clipboard. Will I ever use it? Who knows, but it's cute!


Kate O. said...

how exciting... i can't wait to see the finished product!! :) and i LOVE the clipboard! i wanna make one that just scrapbook paper with mod podge?

Nancy Full said...

I'm searching tonight for classroom decorating ideas and I discovered your blog- -I love the design. I also really like the clipboard idea. I'm collecting creative classroom ideas and I'd love to use that. I'm also going to stop back to check out your bulletin boards. WOW! That one board is huge. I'm curious what you will do with it.