Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Vote for Parker

One of my friends, Amanda Causey, is a great photographer who we have worked with before! She took some AWESOME family photos for us back when she was just starting out in her business, and we LOVE them! Amanda is one of my high school friends who does photography in addition to her other job because it's just something that she loves.

She's doing a "cutest kid" contest on her blog and facebook, and I'd LOVE it if you'd go vote for Parker. Because, let's face it, Parker is just too stinkin' cute.

You can go HERE or to her Facebook page to vote for Parker!!! She's #10!

And if you wanna post this plug on your own blog, I wouldn't mind that either! :) Ha.

You can vote once a day on both sites every day from NOW until next Wednesday (the 21st!)

1 comment:

One Blessed Chick said...

Voted! She is definately the cutest one on there!!!!