Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ab Ripper X??? What??

So on Saturday, I decided to attempt about 4 minutes of Ab Ripper X (the ab workout from P90X) with Trent.  Yes, 4 of the total 15.  Come Sunday night, and all day Monday, my abs, thighs, and hip flexors were KILLING me, and every time I moved, I winced like a little old lady.

Tonight, I did 8 minutes.  We'll see if I can walk/get out of bed tomorrow.  

However, a small victory to report- thanks to the Abs Diet, I have officially lost ALL of my Parker weight.  Hooray!  It only took me 22 months to get back to my pre-Parker weight. Ha. Let's see if P90X can give me my pre-marriage abs! : ) Scratch that- I want better! 

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Amber said...

I am so glad to hear that you're feeling the "burn" from the p90x. We are about to give it a try as well! I am a wimp though and not made for pain, so I am not sure how much i'll be able to do!

The abs diet has been incredible, yay for us losing all the baby weight!