Saturday, May 23, 2009

Arts & Crafts

So for over 10 months, I've had this unfinished "project" sitting in a drawer.  While Trent was at a movie and Parker was asleep, I decided to tackle this... a scrapbook of P's first birthday party.  It's done on a chipboard book just covered with paper.  I will bind it with three small rings, and tie brown and pink polka-dot ribbon around the rings.  Here's the book...

Front Cover

Inside cover and page 1

Pages 2 & 3

Pages 4 & 5
Pages 6 &7
Pages 8 & 9
Pages 10&11

and the back cover is just solid brown.

Hopefully, I'll get to do more projects like this over the course of the summer!


Kyle, Lindsay, & Jackson said...

Such a cute scrapbook, Janee! And I love your new Blog by the way! =) Yay for summer! I know you and Parker will have a blast! ;)

Casey said...

super cute! I'm glad I'm not the only one that takes forever to finish crafty things sometimes..