Saturday, May 16, 2009

One Week!

One week of school left, then I get to be a "stay at home mom" for the summer!  While I am extremely, extremely excited about being at home with Parker, I know I will miss my "big kids" too.  I have had a wonderful first year at Central, and I'll blog more about that later this week.  For now, a few of my favorite stories from my big girl and my big kids at school.

In student research papers:
"Have you ever wondered what women were like in the 1900's?  Well, I have did research, and let me tell you...."  I have did?  Really?

"In the book, Daisy only wanted one thing: money, and love."  One thing?  I mean, I know I teach English, but still??

*name changed to protect the innocent*
"Do you know why *Olivia* checked out?  Because she had to go home to wash her hair. Someone told her it looked greasy, so she checked out."

Funnies/cute things Parker has said lately:
"Want shuggies Mommy?" (and then she came and gave me a kiss)

(after hearing me cough for the millionth time) "Coughin?  Bless you!!"

"Want cammies! Want cammies!" (cammies= candy)  "Baby, we don't have any candy here."  "Want cammies! Want cammies!  Go Ganny's. Want cammies!"  (in other words- if you won't give me candy, I know Granny will!)

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Casey said...

hahahaha, ok this is a great post for many reasons..

congrats for being a SAH mom for the summer.

your quotes from school are hilarious...

parker wanting to go to Ganny's for candy is exactly what Gavin does... about anything. Yesterday i told him we were out of Desitin for the baby and he said we had to go get some from Gram's.. ;o)