Tuesday, May 5, 2009

SO MANY pictures!

Spring Break zoo trip- on the way
the girls
more zoo fun

Parker and Mimi
Exhausted on the way home!
Playing in the pool!

With CC at a CHS softball game
Future athlete?
Checking out the CHS weight room
Sidewalk chalk!

Pigtails and Puppy!
Breakfast with Chastity
Aunt Jamie and Uncle Chris's wedding.....
Kallie and Kara
Pretty P
Me and Becca
Saying their vows
The new family!
Brothers and Sister!
Kara, Gerad, and Kallie
Our family

Chris and Jamie's Cake
First Dance
Parker and Daddy
Cutting the cake
All the grandkids
Mommy and Sweet P
me with Jamie
Money Dance
Dancing with Daddy
Aquarium trip for Mimi's birthday......

Girls and their daddies
Playing on the slide

Sleepy girls

Mimi's 2nd birthday party

The Ring's Day in the Park....

Parker and Jack-Jack
Mimi and Parker
Parker and Dustin
Jumping with Mrs. Jess
Sitting in the shade with Daddy
Trace and Parker
Nannee and Mimi
Playing with Mommy's crawfish.. she wouldn't eat it

1 comment:

Amber said...

A few things:

First, yay for the spring break fun. Looks like you girls had a blast!

Second, congrats to Jamie and your new bro-in-law. :o) Your dress is beautiful by the way.

Third, yay for aquariums and days at the park! Wish we would have gone. I promise we will go to something next time.