Sunday, July 12, 2009

Big Brother

I'll admit it. I am obsessed with Big Brother. I watched it with my mom starting from Season 1, and it's one of my favorite summer guilty pleasures! I even got Trent to start watching it with me while we were dating. But I must say, this season already intrigues me the most!

High school can either be the BEST time of your life, or the WORST. So I think it's really interesting that they're basing this season around the high school clique idea. I almost feel sorry for the poor people in the house!

But I must say, it really wouldn't surprise me if the "Brains" and the "Off Beat" decide to band together and get rid of the "Popular" and the "Athletes"... and I think Jessie from last season better cool it with his "I'm so amazing, my arms are so huge, look at how gorgeous and strong I am" business or he's gonna find his (incredible fit, I'm sure) butt walking out the door early!!


MotherSea said...

hahaha i sure do love you!

MotherSea said...

whenever you are free! :)

Linda @ My Trendy Tykes said...

I love me some Big Bro!!