Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tell Me About It...

So here's my first shot at "Tell Me About it Tuesday"....

School starts in 3 weeks. Yuck! But as much as I dread it, I'm also a little bit excited! I spent a good part of Monday working on getting things ready. My co-worker Abby helped me hang fabric for my bulletin boards, now I've just got to actually put something ON the fabric. I also want to paint part of my wall with chalkboard paint... there are currently two chalkboard panels, but they are that hideously nasty green color- you know, like baby poop green- so they need help! I also did a lot of paperwork- re-vamping my syllabus, working on new vocabulary stuff, and trying to find/re-do/organize handouts for the first few weeks of school. I really want to make some copies and beat the copier rush that I know will take place during our in-service days.

I am really enjoying this season of Big Brother, but I find myself believing sometimes that the houseguests really ARE in high school. Yikes. Ronnie, you have got to chill! And Laura... wow. Just wow. So far, Casey is my definite front-runner favorite, and I like Lydia a lot as well. Jordan is cute, but... I just don't know.

I watched The Bachelorette- The Men Tell All. OMG.. these guys are RIDICULOUS. I'm a little puzzled about why they needed two hours of that madness.

This week is a busy week. Monday was "school stuff day"... my parents had Parker for most of the morning/early afternoon. Tuesday (today!) is our lunch date with some of my ZHS coworkers!! I am so pumped! Wednesday is SAHM Bible Study (hooray!), Thursday is our Whitty Playdate! WOOHOO! Lots of fun things!

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